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It's all I have to give!

My Perspective comes from the sum of my knowledge and experiences, which includes some basic truths that I have come to know along the way.

As a student of myself, I have been on a lifelong search for answers. I have always carried a drive to understand my nature and the nature of this life I live. I believe we are all on this same search. We use different language to describe it, but underneath we are searching for the same thing, our divinity.

Some of the truths below were things I always seemed to know. In some cases, I had to stop believing in them in order to discover them in a whole new way. They may have started as a foreign idea or have always been part of my upbringing in the world. Some came as a gentle remembering of lessons learned before this lifetime. Some came with a trembling, body paralysing recognition of truth. Others were summarily dismissed, yet they kept nagging at me till I got it. They have all grown over time in richness, depth and complexity. Ironically, they grew in simplicity too!

This list is not exclusive. It is not complete. It continues to reveal its intricacies. I will never know it all. What I write about, however, is based on these truths being known.

I am a spiritual being now and forever. I am a human being for my lifetime.

Everything has one source.

God is real. God isn’t necessarily all the things we make God out to be.

Everything and everyone is made of energy. It is different only in its vibration or frequency.

I have free will.

I create my life, my experiences and my reality, consciously or unconsciously.

What I seek is inside myself.

I want to be happy.

This world, our universe, our existence is beyond any human's ability to fully understand. All we can do is learn from the pieces we encounter.

My intention is to share my perspective, not to make anyone else believe anything they don’t want to believe. The greatest outcome of anything I share would be for the reader to connect with their own wisdom. A perspective is simply one way of looking at things.

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WARNING:  A new perspective may cause personal growth. Personal growth has been known to trigger feelings of all kinds including, but not limited to: happiness, sadness, relief, doubt, fear, joy and/or insight. Perspective receivers may feel a desire to think about things in a new way, explore the idea further or summarily dismiss it. Note: A change in beliefs and behaviours has been reported by people encountering a new perspective.

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