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From the pen of a recovering perfectionist, creature of habit and spiritual seeker.

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Peace on Earth

I grew up understanding that in the end times, Jesus would come back to earth. He would vanquish his nemesis, the Anti-Christ, and then...

Tipping the Scales

Today I’ve posted the last of the old articles that I’ll blow the dust off. This one was written before the “me too” movement. It is a...

It's Perfect!

February’s article theme is perfect! Check out The Making of a Perfectionist, which, of course, includes The Unmaking of a Perfectionist....

Habit Change

January is associated with habit change. It’s usually just a hangover from the New Year’s excitement which clears up around February. For...

Santa Claus is Going Home this Christmas

Let’s face it, you either love Santa or you tolerate him. You try hard to make him real. Or not. Well here’s an interesting tangent,...


Almost 10 years ago, I took a creative writing class. I typically write non-fiction, but I also love to read fiction, so why not write...

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