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If I were your mother...

This month’s poem was inspired by a story a friend told me about her mother.

My friend arrived at a family event and saw her husband across the room. As she made her way over to him, she passed her mother who was standing with her brother and his wife. Those two nodded and waved hello to her, but her mother turned her face away without acknowledging her at all.

I so wanted a different experience for her. All I could think of was: “If I were your mother, I would not turn away.”

If I Were Your Mother” is a reflection of the best qualities of a mother.

I have known many people who have challenging relationships with their mother. This poem is for you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

If I Were Your Mother

If I were your mother

I would not turn away,

I would be there for you

every day.

My eyes would light up

when you walk in the room

simply because you’re

a child of my womb.

I’d stand you on your feet

and make it my mission

to love you as you are

without condition.

If I were a perfect mother

I’d first become aware

of my wounded inner child

and give her the same care.

I’d consciously heal

and transform old scars

by going inward

to reach the stars.

The light would spill over

to all in my life

as mother, grandmother,

sister and wife.

For a mother is more

than flesh and blood.

She mirrors the mother

from heaven above.

We seek her comfort.

We seek her love.

We seek her embrace.

A peaceful dove.

Ann-Marie Latoski

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