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Peace on Earth

I grew up understanding that in the end times, Jesus would come back to earth. He would vanquish his nemesis, the Anti-Christ, and then we would experience 1000 years of peace. Can we please just skip to the 1000 years of peace?

I want peace on earth. I want to live in a world where everyone accepts everyone else just the way they are. In a peace world, we all understand there is enough for everyone, so everyone has enough. (We understand that we don’t need more than enough and that whatever your enough is, you can have it.) We allow others to follow their beliefs and act in whatever manner fulfills them. We realize we are more alike than different. As spiritual energy beings, we are one united family. We embrace our eternal, indestructible divine self. From there, we enjoy our physical existence, creating our dreams.

Many of us want this dream. So where is Jesus already? We’ve passed the millennium and the end of the Mayan calendar. We’ve entered the Age of Aquarius. We’ve already overcome people who many called the Anti-Christ like Hitler and Saddam Hussain. We’ve made huge strides in understanding our human side through the study of quantum physics as well as the functioning of our brains and bodies. We’ve even dipped our toes into the ocean of our spiritual nature.

I believe we are at the dawning of the golden age of peace. The creation of peace on earth, however, has been entrusted to us.

Let’s consider what would happen if Jesus brought his earthly body back here today. A large rumbling cloud would appear in the sky. (Whether or not there is a spaceship behind the cloud is still debatable.) Jesus would emerge and float back down to earth. We know someone would get footage of it from a surveillance camera, dash-cam or on their cell phone.

This would undoubtedly hit the evening news, assuming we believe it is Jesus. The networks might even go to live coverage of this strange phenomenon. Jesus would have cameras in his face and paparazzi on his tail from the moment he appeared. He’d surely be interviewed by Oprah for the biggest audience in history.

He would want to reach the people. I don’t think he’d land at the Vatican to simply have an audience with the Pope. He wouldn’t arrive at the residence of a world leader to only chat with them. Jesus always made himself accessible to the people. He brought his message to everyone, not those perceived to be in power.

Jesus would teach us the same lessons as before such as: “Love your neighbour as you love yourself” and “the Kingdom of God is within”. The difference is we would hear him with a broader capacity to understand and with a view to our modern life. If I am going to love my neighbour as myself, I must first love myself. I must be compassionate, forgiving and accepting of myself. Then I can treat my neighbour the same.

Our own spirit is our connection to the Kingdom of God. That which animates us is our connection to Source. Jesus would remind us of our own divinity and of the gifts we already possess. He was the bearer of Christ energy, the pure, benevolent energy of unconditional love and light. He left us the legacy of access to this energy.

Just as the Christ energy does not reside solely in Jesus, Anti-Christ is also not a person. Anti-Christ is the opposite of Christ, an absence of Christ energy. Christ is never truly absent, however, we can turn our consciousness so far outside ourselves that the light inside is a dim memory.

We vanquish Anti-Christ by understanding our true nature and behaving our way back to living from our own light. We walk ourselves back to peace. Jesus might show us the way, but we must use our feet to tread the path. Then, when each of us lives in peace, we will have peace on earth.

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