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Updated: May 25, 2021

This month’s feature poem, “Todaywas written after talking to a friend who was feeling blue and overwhelmed. I wanted to remind her that what’s going on around her is not as important as she is.

No matter what is happening in your life, you are ok just the way you are. You have something to share. Focus on your inner life and the quest for internal peace. External peace will follow.

As the quote says; “It’s not about who you are out there. It’s about who you are in here.” Who you are to yourself is far more important than who you are to others.



As you go about your day,

please remember this,

you are a child of God

and nothing is amiss.

Share with everyone today

your very special gift.

It comes to you so easily

and gives us all a lift.

Being you is all you need

to live a life complete.

You are good and whole right now

there is nothing you need seek.

Something pulled you far away

from who you truly are.

Your quest is to come back to self

a bright and shining star.

The only way to save the world

is for you to make it right,

by coming back to your true self

and step into your light.

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